Ostara Celebration Ideas

Ostara is a holiday celebrating the Spring or Vernal Equinox, and with the beginning of any new life. Equinox, the day when daylight and darkness are equal usually occurs between March 19th and March 23rd Originally the entire month of April was known in Europe as Ostarmonth, and featured celebrations of fertility, birth and renewal centering on the Goddess Ēostre. When Europe became Christianised, the name was changed to Easter.

Plant seeds. Ostara celebrates the beginning of a new life and planting seeds is a brilliant way to represent that. This is a time for birth and the end of the winter. Work in your garden or start a small vegetable garden, as well as celebrating Ostara with this, growing your own vegetables can also save you some money.
Paint eggs. Eggs represent fertility, and painting eggs is a typical and enjoyable way to celebrate Ostara and Easter. This is a great, inexpensive activity to do with children. You can boil some eggs or blow eggs out, then decorate the eggs however you want. The eggs can be placed in a basket and used for decoration on your altar or table.
Go for a walk in the woods/forest. Go out and enjoy Ostara by taking a walk in a wood or a forest and pick some wild flowers ( be careful and check first if this is allowed- as some flowers are protected, making it illegal to pick them). If you want you can leave an offering behind. Thank the flowers for their sacrifice and put them in vase on your altar or table.
Start something new. This is an excellent time to start something new. Some people choose to start a new diet or stop smoking, but the possibilities are endless.

Hide some eggs. Hide some eggs in the garden or around in your house if the weather is bad, and let your children look for them. You may choose to hide chocolate eggs, or you might have a prize for the winner.

Have egg races. Egg races are games where the players each balance an egg on a spoon and run around an outdoor course.

Have messy fun with an egg toss game. Egg toss is a game where people stand in pairs, and toss a raw egg back and forth between them. First, the pairs are close together, with every successful toss and catch they take a step back, making the next toss more difficult. When the egg breaks, that couple is eliminated, continue until all eggs are broken.

At Ostara, it’s often still too cold to plant your seeds outside, but you can certainly get your seedlings started indoors. It may seem early, but now is the time to start thinking about what you want to grow in the summer months. Give your plants a head start, and get them sprouting in advance—that way, they’ll be ready to go into the ground by the time warmer weather arrives. You can make an indoor greenhouse, put it in a sunny spot, and watch your garden begin!

You’ll need:

A disposable baking pan with clear plastic lid (You can usually find these easily at a Dollar Store).

Small peat pots

Potting soil


Simply place soil and seeds inside peat pots and place pots inside the pan. Put the clear cover over the pan and place in a sunny location. Be sure to water the seeds.


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