The Real Art of Spellcasting

Like any art or skill, spellcasting is acquired by work and study. Many cowans, or non-Witches, believe that Wiccans use secret words that, by simply uttering them, produce anything the witch desires without any effort, practice, or patience. This is rather like thinking that the words hocus pocus, a phrase from old ceremonial magic grimoires, will drop gold into your lap.

The only way you will attract your desire into your life is to make your vibrations match the frequency of the desired object. For example, if you wish prosperity, you must think of positive, prosperous things and avoid all negative thoughts that dwell on lack or poverty. Then, you do spellwork for prosperity and hold to the belief that it is yours while waiting for it to manifest. Most of the time, the desired object is not dropped into your path, but produces opportunities to gain what you want.

The whole idea behind magic is to contact specific energy pools called deities. By tapping into these pools, Witches can add a great amount of power to their personal inner energy. This produces a physical manifestation of the spell. The primary purpose of every ritual or spell is to create a change.

This takes us back to the equation given in the last chapter: Knowledge equals power equals energy equals matter equals mass, and mass distorts space.

Witches who are successful study constantly to refine their rate of success. Witches know that by using certain colors of candles, herbs, stones, oils, incenses, numbers, and actions they raise the success rate constantly.

Witch magicians must go deep into their subconscious mind before they can reach the doorway to other dimensions. Without reaching this doorway, effective magic cannot be performed. The practice of self-discipline, self-knowledge, and self-control are the only things that will enable the witch to pass unharmed into the Otherworld. Because Witches have few preconceived ideas about what they will discover there, they are open to discoveries that can revolutionize thinking, science, and humankind’s relationship with the universe and everything in it. Wiccan training enables one to find, see, and understand universal symbols. This understanding allows Witches to apply these symbols and Otherworld knowledge to everyday life.

The Four Laws of the Magus are very ancient. These laws are part of ceremonial magic, but have great value to Witches as well. Tradition says that these Laws came from Hermes Trigmegistus in ancient Egypt. I suggest every new witch make a copy of these Laws and put them up in a prominent place in the ritual room or on the altar.

The Four Laws are matched to the Elements and give good advice for any magician: to know (Air); to dare (Water); to will (Fire); and to keep silent (Earth). To know means to study and learn everything you can about magic and the way it can be used. Then, magicians must dare to practice what they have learned. They must have the will to do the magic, and will with all their being for the result desired. At the end of this comes the most important part of the Laws. Magicians must keep quiet about the work they are doing and what they are doing it for. Every time magicians talk about their magical work, part of the energy is given away. Also, the magician may be telling someone who, for whatever reason, does not want the magician to succeed. That person, knowing what is being done, can counteract the results. This is not a usual occurrence, but it can, and does, happen. In silence there is knowledge.

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