Simple Spell for Protection Tutorial

Hello, how are you? I’m Daniel from Santuário Lunar and in this video I’m going to show you how to make a simple spell bottle to protect yourself against enemies, boring people, bad people, noisy neighbors, mothers-in-law, and things like that.

So let’s see how to do this one. Before we start I’d like to tell you that this spell is very powerful. To achieve its results it’s going to change your life, the person’s life, or maybe both lives. So be careful what you wish for, okay?

We’re going to need a small bottle. I like using this kind of bottle. It’s very simple and delicate and it’s got a cork to seal it.

We’re also going to need seven needles. It can be big needles or small needles, it doesn’t matter. And we’re going to need a bunch of dried rosemary. We start by inserting each needle inside the bottle, but for each needle we think about a reason and the person we are protecting ourselves against.

So we say something like: “I wish the bad intentions coming from that person go to the needle and not to me” and insert the needle. For the second needle we think about another reason, so we are going to need seven different reasons, which is not difficult.

If we really need to do this spell, we have more than seven, of course. Next we are going to insert the rosemary. And while we insert the dried rosemary, we visualize all the bad things, all the negativity coming to the needles and being banished or being neutralized by the rosemary.

After inserting a bunch of rosemary, we can seal the bottle with the cork. If the needles pierce the cork, there is no problem because of the size of the needles.

It won’t interfere in the result. Then we keep this Spell Bottle somewhere safe, where nobody’s going to touch it. Then when we don’t need it anymore, we just bury it. So that’s it, now you’ll have your spell bottle to protect yourself against all the things I said and make sure nobody’s going to harm you.

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