A True Quija Board Seance Session

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In the 1970s, an elderly woman named Sonia came to me, hoping for an answer to her question of whether or not there was a God. Her face and body showed the ravages of living through the horror of the Holocaust. Imprisoned in Bergen-Belsen, the notorious Nazi concentration camp in Germany, she had survived the most wretched conditions one could ever imagine. Sonia was forced into slave labor at an early age and watched helplessly as friends, family, and other loved ones were put to death in ways too gruesome to describe here.

She had heard about the strange and mysterious Ouija board and was willing to cast her skepticism aside to see what message this little talking board would reveal. I had never done a séance before, but I had certainly been working with my psychic gifts for some time, so I was willing to give it a whirl.

I invited Sonia to sit in my dining room and placed the Ouija board on the table. I turned off all the lights and lit a small white candle that I placed at the top of the board. I asked her to hold hands with me as I asked the universe the question: “Is there anyone here from the other side who wishes to communicate with those seated at the table?”

No answer. So I asked the question again, but this time, something happened that caused my heart to skip a beat. The white candle took on an orange glow and cast an eerie shadow on the board. We watched as the shadow took the shape of a face. At that moment, I knew we were not alone in the room anymore. Someone, or some presence, was there.

Within seconds, the shadow from the flame appeared to float across the board, as if some unseen hand was guiding it to spell out a message.

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ghost photoWe watched in stunned silence as the candle stopped at the letter B. From there it traveled to the letter E, followed by L, I, E, V, and E again. The Ouija board had spelled out the word believe. Without warning, a cold breeze blew out the candle. I turned on the lights and asked Sonia if she knew what the message meant.

Tears rolled down her face. She explained to me that when the Gestapo came to take her and her family away to the camps, her father said, “Life is a challenge, a series of tests. Believe there is a reason for everything, and never stop believing that we won’t be separated in death.”

Sonia left that day knowing that her loved ones were safe and sound on the other side. But she is far from the only one to receive news from the spiritual plane. The Ouija has taught many life lessons to those fortunate enough to connect with it and “hear” the message that the world doesn’t end here, that this life is just the beginning, a stairway to the stars and the door to a whole new dimension to explore.

So, is the Ouija Board good or bad? The best way is to try for yourself.

By Shawn Robbins – The Modern Day Witch

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