Empath’s Spell for Banishing Harmful Energy

In the grand scheme of things, being an empath is a gift and a blessing, but it can also be a hazard, as ultra-sensitive types can get bogged down, depressed, anxious and even physically ill from overexposure to harmful, lower vibrational energies. Whether it’s due to spending all day in a toxic work environment, being the subject of another person’s angry or hostile thoughts, or simply being in a physical space where past tragedies have occurred, it’s not uncommon for Witches and other magical people to end up being negatively affected by the energy around them.

The bold, grounding power of carnelian makes it an excellent stone of protection against negative influences of all kinds. To boost the overall effect of the spell, try taking a ritual cleansing bath and/or smudging yourself with sage, lavender, or other purifying herbs before you begin.

You will need:

1 piece carnelian

Black candle

Small bell or chime

Instructions: Light the black candle and sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the ground. Holding the carnelian between your palms, take a moment to concentrate on your physical body and set an intention for the clearing of your energy field. Place the carnelian on the floor at your feet. Starting with the soles of your feet, visualize any negativity surrounding your feet and ankles being absorbed by the carnelian stone. (This energy may take the form of dark, wispy, smoke like-tendrils in your mind’s eye.)

Next, place the carnelian in your lap. Visualize it cleansing your calves, thighs, and hip area in the same manner. Hold the carnelian to your chest to clear the upper torso and repeat the visualization. Then place it near your throat to cleanse your shoulders and neck area.

Finally, place the carnelian on the top of your head to fully cleanse your whole self and your surrounding aura. When you’re finished, thank the stone and place it in front of the candle. Ring the bell or chime over the stone to clear and recharge its energy, then gently extinguish the black candle. Place the stone in a place where you will walk past it multiple times a day, so you can be reminded that you are completely protected from any unwanted energy.

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