Creating Magickal Inks

A short look at how you can start creating your own magickal inks.

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The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword: Enchanted Inks
So, you made a book of magic, you gilded the edges, and you’re ready to fill it. While the variety of pens and pencils and colors they come in has been a boon for witches, if you want to take your magical book to the next level, then magical inks are the way to go.

Not only are they an awesome project to work with and to add depth and make a statement in your book; magical and handmade inks are a simple way of adding a huge magical boost to a working.

Now, a lot of modern witch craft if it even specified to use a certain color, it doesn’t specify the ink. Again, I’m down for ease of use and witching on the go, but if you’ve got the time and really want to tip the scales, use a corresponding ink.


Used for sealing pacts, written spells, or adding gravitas to a petition, enchanted inks are generally a blend of sacred resins and herbs blended together. They can be used simply with only a few words, or adding another magical level to sigils or ritual. Some people even use these inks to draw on themselves as the ink can stain for a day or more to carry more witchcraft through the day.

Just as people choose specific candles or oils for their workings, there’s a history of putting as much care in choosing which ink to use as these modern witchcraft practices.

Dragon’s Blood Ink
Dragon’s blood ink is a wonderful place to start, because honestly, the other blood inks can be easily tinkered and altered off the base of this type. Used for general magical need, workings dealing with courage, strength, power, and luck.

Dragons blood resin is used as a general magical booster. Something that increases spiritual resonance similar to how some people use asafoetida to add an extra boost or how others will use crystals to add extra power.
 Љ Dragon’s blood resin  

Љ Gum arabica (acacia gum)

 Љ Alcohol*  

Љ Optional: cinnamon essential oil
Grind the resins as finely as possible (equal parts is a good place to start) and once it’s ground as finely as possible, start to add alcohol drop by drop until it reaches proper consistency to use with a fountain or dip pen.
Bottle and label this and give a shake before use!

Dove’s Blood Ink
Used for love magic, blessings, friendship and relationships in general.

  🕊Dragon’s blood resin   🕊Gum arabica**   🕊Alcohol   🕊Cinnamon essential oil*   🕊Rose essential oil/tincture*   🕊Bay Laurel essential oil***

Bat’s Blood Ink
Used for baneful magic. Hexes, curses, bad luck, domination, and commanding, or for lifting hexes curses and other baneful workings.

 Ƈ Dragon’s Blood Resin  Ƈ Gum Arabica  Ƈ Alcohol  Ƈ Cinnamon Essential Oil  Ƈ Myrrh Resin
Label this one especially, because you don’t want to try and protect someone and accidentally hex them by mixing up your inks.

Additional Inks
There are other enchanted inks like Butterfly Blood Ink which can get rather pricey as saffron is a key ingredient. Or natural dyes that can be mixed to create different colored inks like color changing butterfly pea flower.
Lampblack ink made with candle soot, oak iron ink made with oak galls and iron infused liquid was the original black ink used in illuminated texts and grimiores. You can experiment and look up recipes, but find what works for you!



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