A Charm of Attraction

To be worked nearest the full moon on Beltane Eve, nearest the hour of midnight.


Have ready many small and flexible birch twigs, a piece of birch bark made into thin paper, a red inked pen, dark red thread, dragons blood powder, a lodestone and a copper vessel.


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Work by a white candle and burn some of the dragon’s blood to fumigate the birch twigs and papery bark.  After asking for appropriate assistance, fashion a circle with some of the birch twigs in smallish size, using the dark red thread to secure them together, all the while imagining yourself with a partner in happiness.  Fashion a second circle, interlinking with the first, as you create it.


When this task is completed, place the linked circles in the copper vessel and place the lodestone underneath the object.  Sprinkle on dragon’s blood powder and three drops of your own blood over the stone, speaking these words thrice over the charm:

The birch that grows in springtime light,
I shape in rings of hearts delight;
I link the hearts with stone of earth,
With blood of mine, with home and hearth,
To bring to me the missing link,
In chain of Fate, The flame of ink,
To draw the one I most desire,
By stone, by tree, by blood, by fire

After the words are spoken, inscribed those virtues that are most dear in a beloved one on the birch bark with the red ink.  Following the contemplation of this, burn the paper to release the wish, sprinkling the renaming ashes on the charmed circles and stone.  Cover the whole with a red cloth until the next full moon, when the lodestone should then be removed and worn in a pouched lined with red cloth, close to the heart.  Do not allow any person to look upon the stone. 

Feed the stone one drop of your own blood every full moon and remember what you are seeking when you do so.  This will enhance the drawing power of the stone.  Hang the birch circles above your beside”

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