A Peace of Mind Ritual

You will need:

🕯1 red candle + holder

🕯1 white candle + holder

💐Lavender sprigs + holder

📿Any cleansing/purification stones you like

Start off by cleansing your ritual/altar space and getting yourself into a good state of mind. The stones can be arranged in any formation around the Lavender. Light the white candle first to cleanse yourself and inspire clean thoughts, then the red to invite decisiveness and passion. Repeat the following incantation while lighting and afterward:

“Leave these imposing thoughts behind

Pray, give inner strength and peace of mind

First white to guide my thoughts, then red to guide my intent

May the smoke carry away negative energy so that my time is well spent.”

(”So mote it be” can be added at the end of the incantation to also finalize the end of the ritual with blowing out the candles).

The incantation can be repeated as many times as needed, but to ensure the best results make sure you are familiar with your intent. Without having a good frame of mind, any well-meaning spell can fall apart. Once you have finished, blow out the candles and use the Lavender sprigs to waft away the smoke, preferably out of your altar area. If you desire, the Lavender sprigs can be made into tea!*

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