A Simple Protection Amulet

Creating a protection amulet does not have to be difficult, nor does it need to be a lengthy process. In fact, it’s super simple with this spell.

This spell is especially good for baby witches and closet witches. Keep in mind that this isn’t a super strong spell, but it an effective one.

You will need: black pepper (protection, inner strength, warding), whole cloves (protection, curse-breaking), salt (protection), any protective crystal (e.g. snowflake obsidian, fire agate, black tourmaline, etc; this item is optional), a small bowl, a necklace to enchant

Cast a circle, if you wish to (totally optional)

if you’re Wiccan, call upon the god and goddess, and give them an offering (e.g. seeds, bread, fresh juice) and ask for them to assist you with this spell

mix the pepper, cloves, and salt together in a bowl – the person who will be wearing the amulet should stir using their finger (on their dominant hand) to mix in their energies

next, the person who will be wearing the amulet should bury the necklace in the mixture

wave your hand over the bowl once, anti-clockwise, and say:

 Wiccan version
I ask the God and the Goddess,
the all-father and all-mother,
to bless this necklace, so that
the wearer, (say name), may be
protected from ill & injury.

witch version
     by cleansing salt and earth-grown herb,
beware, destructive beings of woe!
you are kept from (wearer’s name),
by this object’s midnight glow

wave your hand over the bowl once, clockwise, to seal the spell

(Wiccans, thank the god & goddess and dismiss them)

you can now remove the amulet from the bowl, and dispose of the herbs/salt inside (keeping the crystal, obviously)

It should be noted that any other piece of jewelry can be used: a ring, a bracelet, earrings, a brooch, etc.

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