Where Did You Live In A Past Life?

Our short quiz may help you discover one of your past lives.


Which element calls to you the strongest?

Which Picture speaks to your soul?

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Which Image Are You Drawn To?

Where Did You Live In A Past Life?
Ancient Egypt

You have lived at least one past life in Ancient Egypt. Even today you feel a pull to desert regions.

You have lived in the region of Atlantis in the past. You had a rather common life, but a fulfilling one. You owned a small bakery. Does the smell of fresh bread still call to you?

You lived one past life in Persia. You were a merchant who traded along ancient trade routes and you became wealthy. The lesson you learned there is why money is not the driving force in your life today.
A Germanic Tribe

You lived in the ancient area of Germania and were a member of a nomadic germanic tribe. You farmed and hunted and still love open, natural spaces today!

You lived in Capua, an city of ancient Rome. Sadly, you were a slave here and had to work hard daily. However, the lessons you learned there are with you today. You have empathy for those down trodden and less-fortunate.
Celtic Ireland

You lived in ancient Ireland where you earned a living as a sheep farmer. You had three children and a small, stone cottage. Even today, you are drawn to animals and the countryside.

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