Fortune Increase Spell

Use this spell to attract financial gain, either through the repayment of monies owed you, at job review time for a raise, or whenever participating in games of chance, as in lotteries or casinos.

  • Fortune Increase Oil:
      • 1 teaspoon base oil
      • 4 drops allspice essential oil
      • 8 drops five-finger grass essential oil

    4 drops patchouli essential oil

  • Deities: Geb, Hapy, Khnum, Min, Mut.
  • Candle: Choose a color related to the deity or deities you will be addressing; or use black, blue, green, orange, white, or yellow, which are all appropriate.
  • Incense: Cinnamon.
  • Suggested Herbs: Acorn, chicory, lemon verbena, rosemary, yellow dock.
  • Offering: Coins, dollar bills, lottery tickets.
  • Incantation Paper Inscription: As this paper burns, may my monetary needs be eased.

Spell Directions
Take a pinch of herbs and sprinkle or blow it onto your altar.

Recite the following invocation:

Open my mind
Open my heart
To all the strength
That lies within

Do not let fear
Halt my quest
Do not let doubt
Cloud my mind

I have the power
To bring about change
I have the ability
To possess all I desire

Steady my hand
Strengthen my resolve
Allow what I now begin
To reach its natural conclusion

I ask the power of (deity name/the ancients)
Remove all obstacles to my goal
Make my dream reality
Make my wish come true.


Place one incense stick (or cone) in the incense holder, light it, and think about the intent of your spell. If you wish to add your own words, this would be a good point at which to do so. Anoint one of the candles with oil, place it in the candleholder, light it, and recite the following incantation:

I call to the gods for wisdom and guidance
Look favorably upon my request
As I light this candle for attracting money
My intentions are not entirely selfish
I ask only for a good and happy life
I have tried all other avenues
And feel the only way to achieve this
Is by asking for your assistance in attaining my goal
May my request be granted
May all good things come to pass.

Take a drop of oil and anoint the plate, then lightly rub one of the incantation papers with your oiled fingers. Take the offering, put it on the plate, and position it in front of the candle. Take a pinch of the herbs and sprinkle on the offering. Take the quartz crystal and place it with the herbs and offering on the plate. Put the remaining herbs on the altar. Recite the following spell:

My needs are great
Though my request is simple
All I ask for
Is enough to be secure
A good home
A good living
A stable career
A cushion in lean times
Help me attain my goals.

Take the oiled incantation paper, recite the words on the paper, light it from the candle flame, drop it in the bowl, and finish with the following:

Now my spell begins
May my magic find its mark.

Allow the incense and candle to burn out on their own.

Each evening, light one stick (cone) of incense, plus one anointed candle, and recite the spell. Take a dab of oil and lightly touch an incantation paper. Recite the words on the incantation paper, light it from the candle flame, drop it in the bowl, and end with the words:

My spell has been cast
May nothing stop its course.

On the final evening, light the last stick (cone) of incense and the last anointed candle, and recite the spell. Dab a bit of oil on the last incantation paper. Recite the words on the incantation paper, light it from the candle flame, drop it in the bowl, and close the spellwork with the following:

My spell is now complete
May the result be all I desire.

The following morning, dispose of the candle remnants by throwing them in the trash. The quartz crystal, offering, and paper ash may be kept on the altar with the remaining herb mixture, or you may wish to carry the quartz with you for good luck. If money was used as an offering, use it as a donation, give it to someone in need, or use it to buy a lottery ticket. Passing on the prosperity will bring it back to you in unexpected ways. Spells manifest in many forms, so be patient as the results may not be immediate.

Excerpted from Egyptian Prosperity Magick, by Claudia R. Dillaire.

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