A Spell to Shield Your Pet from Harm

An integral part of many households is our pets, as well as larger animals such as horses, which may be stabled on our land or close by. Therefore, even if they do bring us income through perhaps horse shows or breeding, like our smaller pets we often consider them part of our family.

Our animals, especially those that go outdoors, face many hazards from predators, infections, hostile neighbors, and traffic. Animals can also stray, be stolen, or be lured away, and even microchips do not offer complete protection.

Dog and HumanMaking and Empowering Protective Amulets for Pets
Animals naturally have quite a strong sense of danger, but as they become domesticated and increasingly humanized by some owners, their protective senses diminish. Protective amulets that can be attached to a collar, bridle, tank, or cage are an effective way of putting a shield around our pets, and it is important for any protective amulet that animals make a connection with the earth to reactivate their natural defensive instincts.

A traditional protective device was to tie a tiny turquoise to the animal’s collar, and this is still effective. Equally potent is a shiny bell, like the horse brasses of old, to act as a reflective shield around the animal and to repel those with negative intent. This, like the turquoise, can be attached to a collar, suspended in a birdcage, or attached on a bridle and uses both light and sound to shield the creature.

Spell to Shield Your Pet from Harm
This spell helps protect your pet from sickness, injury, and infection and helps prevent your pet from straying or being harmed by other animals.

Ingredients and Tools

  • A small, turquoise crystal or, alternatively, a gold- or silver-colored bell
  • A plant pot in which is growing a herb that is very defensive for animals, such as eau de cologne mint, lavender, or rosemary
  • Water, from a natural outdoor source if possible
  • A green candle for Ariel, the archangel protector of animals

The day of any waxing moon or Friday, the day of Archangel Ariel

The Spell
In the evening place the crystal or bell on top of the soil of the plant. At dawn or when you wake the following day, sprinkle water drops over the bell or crystal or dip it in the water to cleanse it.

Suspend it with strong thread (use a wire cradle to attach the crystal) where the air will circulate around it, or set it near an open window till noon or when you have time in the early afternoon.

Light the candle at noon or early afternoon to dedicate the amulet with fire. Pass the amulet over the flame once and then circle the flame with it clockwise four more times.

Say as you pass it over the flame for the first time, “Fire of one, keep (name pet) safe from all sickness, injury, and infection.”

For the second pass, say, “Fire of two, drive away all thieves and predators, human and animal.”

For the third pass, say, “Fire of three, keep distant vehicles, machinery, and all perils of the modern world.”

For the fourth pass, say, “Fire of four, keep (name) from straying, and may this firelight the way home if (name) becomes lost.”

For the final pass, say, “Fire of five, let those with hate in their heart not come near, and let (name) not roam where she/he is not welcomed with love.”

Finally, with your amulet in the hand you do not write with, pass your other hand, palm flat and facing downwards, a few centimeters above the crystal or bell, saying,

Earth, water, fire, and air;
Six, seven, eight, and nine.
May Archangel Ariel for my pet/animal care
And keep safe and healthy
This pet/creature of mine.

Suspend the bell from the collar or bridle; in the case of birds, hang from a mirror in a cage or aviary.

As the animal moves, the bell will jingle, dispelling any hostile energies. If you have a horse, bind the amulet with three hairs from the horse’s mane before beginning the ritual.

Excerpted from by Cassandra Eason.

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