Sleep Protection Spell Jar

A jar spell to help protect you during your slumber and keep negative entities and dreams at bay.

You Will Need:

πŸ’€Β Bay Leaf (bring positive spells, empowers spell)
πŸ’€ Sea Salt (general protection, cleansing)
[amazon_link asins=’0061711233′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’uspurchase’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’10923165-e111-11e8-b04b-734bc0f67e69′]πŸ’€ Cinnamon (general protection)
πŸ’€ Sweet Grass (general protection)
πŸ’€ Sage (general protection, peaceful sleep, prevents nightmares)
πŸ’€ Rosemary (prevents nightmares, protection during sleep)
πŸ’€ Rose Buds/Petals (protection)
πŸ’€ Spearmint (general protection)
πŸ’€ Lavender (sleep, good dreams, peace)
πŸ’€ Chamomile (peaceful sleep, prevents nightmares)
πŸ’€ Mullein (prevents nightmares, protection during sleep, keeps nocturnal demons at bay)
πŸ’€ Jar
πŸ’€ (optional) Sigil for protection or nightmare prevention (or both)


πŸ’€ Cleanse and wash out your jar before doing this spell. Make sure it is well dried.

πŸ’€ Inside in layers place your herbs, the order is unimportant. Do what feels right for you.

πŸ’€ Once it is full at the top if you are using a sigil add in the sigil or draw it on the lid.

πŸ’€ Screw on your lid tightly

πŸ’€ To seal the spell you may use wax (preferably light blue or white or black), an energy seal, a sigil, tape, or anything else that you feel will work for me. I used an energy seal placed with a kiss for mine.

πŸ’€ Place beneath your bed to bring you protection each night you sleep and keep negativity and negative entities at bay while you sleep.

πŸ’€ Cleanse and charge in the light of the full moon every month before placing back under the bed.

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