Salamander Courage Spell

When you encounter setbacks, disappointments, or frustrating circumstances, ask the fire elementals to bolster your vitality, confidence, and resolve. Perform this spell on Tuesday or when the sun and/or moon is in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.


9 small red votive candles

Matches or a lighter

A magick wand

1. Arrange the candles in a circle around you, in a place where you can safely leave them to burn down completely.

2. Beginning in the east, light the candles one at a time as you move in a clockwise direction to cast the circle.

3. When all the candles are burning, stand in the center of the circle and face south.

4. Call out to the salamanders and tell them you have lit these 9 candles in their honor. Explain your situation and request their assistance, by chanting the following incantation aloud:

“Beings of fire Shining so bright

Fuel my desire Increase my might.

Help me be strong All the day long

So in each deed, I’ll surely succeed.”

5. You may notice faint flickerings of light (other than the candles) in the room or sense the energy around you quickening. Perhaps you’ll feel an excitement in the air. It might even seem a bit warmer. That means the salamanders are present and willing to work with you.

6. Take up your magick wand and point it toward the south. Your movements should be strong and purposeful, not wimpy. Envision yourself drawing powerful energy in through the tip of your wand. You might even see the wand glow or feel it tingle.

7. Now turn the wand and aim it at yourself.  Sense the energy you’ve attracted from the south —the region where the salamanders reside—flowing from the wand into your body. Feel yourself growing more powerful, more confident, more alive.

8. Continue using your wand to pull energy and courage from the south in this manner for as long as you like. Remain in the center of the circle until all the candles have burned down completely.

9. Thank the salamanders for their assistance and open the circle, feeling renewed with vitality and confidence.

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