Witches have been and should be political activists

By Dave Warren

Are and should witches be political activists?

It’s a question that may, at first, be difficult to answer. It mixes two subjects that seem to raise the ire of many people – politics and religious or spiritual beliefs. However, the simple answer is yes, we should be active. Those who think otherwise simply dilute their own personal beliefs and their path.

Pagans, worldwide, have a history of being political, usually for change in either religious laws or for change in policies that are aimed at hurting the less fortunate amongst us.

Spiral Nature Magazine summed up the current climate in America, for example, in a recent article.

“The current US presidency and political climate have mobilized citizen activists in unprecedented numbers. The rise of witch activism certainly has historical precedent, although today’s iteration, with its emphasis on social media as a means of disseminating and enacting magick, has interesting implications for enacting and mobilizing activism. That many self-identified witches are anti-fascist isn’t surprising, given their history as a persecuted group. As such, it’s logical that witches would be resistant to oppressive regimes.” – 4 Oct. 2017

The same article goes on to state: Witches themselves are political, concerned with balance, ethics, equality, ecology, and living in harmony with nature. The Wiccan Reclaiming tradition expressly links spirituality to politics, making the connection between Reclaiming practitioners and activists clear. Witches also commonly share anti-oppressive ideologies with leftist activists: anti-fascist, feminist, anti-oppression, anti-racist, anti-capitalist and anti-censorship. If social media is any indication, millennials, in particular, are embracing not only Pagan spirituality but also political messages.”

The Establishment website stated “It’s not hard to see why witchcraft as political activism is making a comeback. From the “Bern the witch” event to Pizzagate, there was an inordinate amount of misogynistic witchcraft rhetoric during the election, much of it centered on Hillary Clinton. And the oppressive attacks on freedom and dignity being perpetrated by the Trump administration call to mind the witch hunts of history. What’s more surprising is that Trump-era occultism highlights a schism within the witch community.”

So what exactly are witches supposed to active against? It isn’t about a particular political party, rather, it’s about speaking out against injustices against women, the poor, the less fortunate. It’s about taking on those who seek to keep pagan beliefs suppressed, and in 2018 (sadly) that is the platform of one major American political party, claiming power from the right wing. Don’t get me wrong,. there are plenty on the left who seek similar damaging positions. We, as pagans, must be heard, whether through protests or via the ballot box.

The time for complacency is long over.

Those who do not speak up now may well pay a high price later. One only has to turn to Africa or India to see how deadly doing nothing to support fellow Pagans can become. Those who seek to force narrow-minded, mean-spirited, laws, designed to keep others down, whether women, men, the poor or others, must be confronted and challenged.

To do nothing, or worse, to support such actions, diminishes us all.

This article reflects my opinion only.




  1. Nicko Wiles says

    Well said.

  2. Tymon Bach says

    If more of us did this, the world would be a far better place!

  3. Pren Purnell says

    Witches should always be activists. I have a friend who belongs to one party and is offended if anyone says anything negative about her party. Narrow-minded at best and typical of her ilk.

  4. Vonnie Jahn says

    I agree 100% with this article!

  5. Milzie Tenorio says

    Yes! be activists and vote if your country allows it. Those who stand by and do nothing, or as the article says, those who actually support anyone who acts like a dictator or tyrant, are useless.

  6. Clara Stansberry says

    It’s about time someone had the courage to say this.

  7. Parnell Polanco says


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