The Way Home

Whether Witch, Wiccan, or other flavor of Pagan, we’re all seeking our paths, looking for our way home.  If you’re new to the Craft, you may be having trouble getting started.  If you’ve been on the path for a while, you may have come to a crossroads and don’t know which way to turn?  While it’s natural to ask for directions, the answers you seek have always been inside of you!  Perhaps that’s why they can be so hard to find.  There is so much going on OUT THERE, it can be easy to forget how to go within.  Here are some thoughts that can help you remember YOU!

Practice the art of silence!  Stilling our Selves, whether through Meditation (saffron robes and incense) or meditation (doing artwork, dancing, playing music, etc.), allows us to connect with our higher selves, our guides, the divine.  When we’re still, we let go of how we think things should be and begin to truly see them as they are.  We’re able to tune in to the messages all around us, which can help us shape our paths, find our bliss, and become the best versions of ourselves. Slow down, listen, and BE.

Drink from your own cup first!  You are a true being of light, filled with the divine spark, and you have everything you need already inside you!  Ask yourself what you need and then trust that the answers will come to you.  You’re here for a reason, and your higher self will connect you to that purpose.  This doesn’t mean you’re not to get guidance from others, just understand that what they’re teaching comes from what works for them; use it as a guide to find what works for you

You are both the seeker and the sought!  You are the author of your own story, so once you know what moves you, what you love to do, you will find that the right path just opens up before you.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges or obstacles, but you’ll find for every obstacle there will be tools to overcome them. 

Follow your bliss!  When something makes you happy or brings you joy, your spirit is sending you a message.  When you get excited about something, grab hold of it and see where it leads you.  Often, you’ll find that the things that lift you up tend to guide you along your path and the things that bring you down take you from it.  Listen to your instincts, your body, and your emotions…they speak the same language as your higher self and are delivering clear messages to you!

Live through your heart!  Wherever you are and whatever you do, be in love with the moment.  When you live through your heart, you’ll find that you’re not only living the highest version of yourself but that you’re also giving your all to everything you do.  Whether you’re making a cup of tea for your mate or digging a hole in your garden, be IN that moment.  Living your life this way is a blessing to not only yourself but to everyone your life touches.

Change your perspective, change your perception!  As beings of light, our thoughts shape our reality.  When we think negative things, any sentence that starts with “I can’t…,” we see the world through those thoughts.  Our perception of the world around us is impacted.  How much of your inner dialog lifts you up?  Make a conscious effort to become your own biggest supporter!  Be mindful of your own inner dialog and watch how that impacts your perceptions!  Set your intentions and follow them through to a much happier and more fulfilling life.

Remember that life is fluid!  People move into and out of our lives to learn, love and grow with us.  As you’re growing and evolving, remember that the people in your life are walking their own paths at their own pace.  Walk beside one another while you can, enjoy the time you have but keep in mind that sometimes paths diverge.  Love the people in your life enough to understand that sometimes love means letting go.  Keep listening to your own instincts and loving with an open heart and you’ll be able to recognize what YOU need from those around you!

Our scars aren’t shackles!  Don’t demonize or hide your scars!  They demonstrate how very strong you are because you’re still standing.  You’ve been through the fire and come out on the other side, your mettle tested.  It can be easy to let those scars bind you to the events that created them, but they show how much stronger you are than the things that tried to break you.  Your scars remind you that you’re not “there” any longer.

Wrap yourself in gratitude!  Remember that what we think shapes our reality, so when you wear an attitude of gratitude, you’re opening the pathways for new reasons to be grateful.  Rather than focusing on what you lack (because that will attract more lack), be thankful for all the things that you have.  See the abundance all around you.  I know this can be one of the toughest things to do, especially if you’re in a tough situation but give it a try.  “I am kissed by the sun each morning and wrapped in the loving arms of the moon each night!”

Just start walking!  Sometimes we get so worried about making mistakes that we can’t make any decisions at all.  Get out of your head and just “start walking” your path.  Stop worrying about what others say you must do, about how you think things “should be,” and just trust your feet to start you on your way.  Let go of your preconceived notions and let the path unfold before you.  There are no right or wrong answers, just YOUR answers.  You’ll learn from every step you take so take chances, make mistakes, strike new paths, or backtrack…just keep moving!  You’ll reach your destination when you’re meant to, but the journey you take to get there is yours to shape.




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