I’m not going to write you a love…spell!

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?  Sara Bareilles keeps popping up in my head because it seems like every time I turn around, regardless of the forum, there are people desperately asking for spells to make “so and so” fall in love with them.  I know there are thousands of love spells online, all of them promising that they are the real deal, that they will really work.  There are even practitioners out there making the same kinds of promises: “Guaranteed to bring a lost lover back to you!”

While there are HUGE ethical concerns about love spells, those arguments have been made ad nauseum!  Just Google “ethics of casting love spells” and you’ll find them by the dozens.  Instead, I want you to consider the energy investment needed for such a spell, how badly it can go wrong, and the overall big picture of your life.

A love spell to make a specific person love you is tantamount to breaking his or her will.  I’m not saying it can’t be done, but the amount of energy it would take is tremendous.  Think of it as rowing upstream: progress will be slow and as soon as you stop rowing, all of your progress will be lost and you’ll find yourself even further from your goal than when you started.  After this kind of spell is cast, it needs to keep being fed energy to keep working.  If you cast the spell yourself, you’ll be putting so much of your energy into the spell that you won’t really enjoy the “rewards.” If you have someone cast it for you, the same energy rules apply so you’ll either have to keep paying them or pay the price to your lover once the spell wears off.

Let’s say you cast the spell and your love now “loves” you back.  It’s all roses and ice cream, right?  These kinds of spells have been known to backfire in terrible ways.  Imagine binding him to you forever, bespelling him so that he’ll never leave you.  Think about the wording there…never leave you…He will always want to be by your side.  He’ll never want you out of his sight.  Imagine him quitting his job so that he can spend all of his time with you…forcing you to quit yours so that you’ll never be away from him.  Messing with someone’s free will tends to lead down a dark, ugly road with a bad end!

Finally, let’s look at the overall big picture here.  Each of us was meant to love and be loved, but according to our own will. If you spend your time and energy trying to circumvent someone else’s free will, you might want to really look at your “love” for this person. When we love, we want our “other” to be happy, even at the cost of our own happiness. What you’re asking for dishonors the very foundation of love. Besides, while you’re putting so much energy into something like this, you are likely missing who the universe is sending your way. Focus your energy inward, loving yourself, and love, true love, will find you!

I know how desperately we search for our other half, for that true love that makes us feel complete, but that love has to start within.  The greatest magic you’ll ever wield is already in your heart!  Be open and honest, love unconditionally, and you’ll find your love returned.  It may not necessarily be with the person you want now, but at the same time, it very well could be!  You deserve so much more than to love someone who’s “heart is nowhere in it” so I’m “not going to write you a love [spell that takes away someone’s free will] today!

Blessed be!


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