The Goddess Yemanja

I’m Daniel from Santuário Lunar.

It was a little bit hard to choose which Goddess to talk about but I am on the beach, I decided on Yemanjá for today.

Yemanjá has many different names just like all the other Goddesses. She can be known for Yemana, Yemaya, Yemoja, Janaína, Mother of the Waters… but it doesn’t matter, her name means the one that protects their children.

Yemanjá is the daughter of Obatalá, the creator of the world, and she had a brother called Aganju, to which she had a child called Orungã.

When Orungã was a teenager he rebelled against his father and violently raped his mother, Yemanjá. And feeling so down, so sad, she climbed up a mountain and cried. And during this moment she killed herself and her tears and her sadness created the waters that flooded the Earth. This sadness brought life.

Yemanjá is the Goddess of protection, comfort. So whenever we need this to our lives we can connect with her. And how can we connect with her?

We can go to the beach, we can jump waves, we can make wishes while we’re jumping this waves. Or we can find a shell and put the shell in our ear.

It said that we can listen to her voice and be in touch with her. Here in Brazil is very common to offer her some crafted boats with flowers, candles… that people believe that when you put on the sea she takes the presents and she takes away the problems too so when she gives back, she gives back the solutions, she gives back the energy to fulfill the dreams and to overcome any obstacle.

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