Jar Spells Are Easy Peasy

Jar spells are an old form of folk magic and have been around for centuries.  While this form of spell crafting is most often found in cursing and curse-breaking, it can also be quite effective when used for beneficial purposes.

You can use any kind of jar as long as it doesn’t have any cracks in it and has a tight-fitting lid or cork.  I prefer using glass but your mileage may vary.  Look around the house (I’m a big fan of re-purposing jars around the house…mayonnaise, pickle, olive, salsa jars…whatever size and shape speaks to you) or thrift shops.  You can even get a case of mason jars pretty cheaply when they go on sale.  Make sure you cleanse and consecrate the containers you choose.

The ingredients you use for your spell jar are as variable as the reasons for making the jar in the first place.  Your jars should contain any or all of the following ingredients: something personal (photo, hair, name on a piece of paper, etc.), your written intent, liquids, herbs, symbols, etc. that will all work together to bring your intent into reality.  Crystals and herbs are among the most powerful (and most accessible) items you can use.

Many spell jars use candles to seal them, but this is another optional practice.  You can burn the candle and let the wax drip onto the lid and down the jar to seal it; burn multiple candles on the jar over the course of time for an on-going spell.  There are also other ways to seal a jar (hemp twine, glue, etc.) so do what feels right for you and your spell.  If you feel it’s important to decorate the jar in any way, then do so because it is important!

As you’re gathering and preparing your ingredients, it can be useful to say a chant (verbally or in your head) to raise your energy and maintain your focus.  You can find chants online or in books, but they really don’t have to be anything elaborate to be effective.  Let’s say you’re making a money jar, your chant could be something as simple as “Money, money, come to me; help me pay these bills I see.”  As long as the chant resonates with you and your spell, it’ll work.  Rhyming and rhythm in your chant can help you memorize it so that it falls from your lips without thinking; by doing so it bypasses the conscious part of your brain and taps directly into your own power source.

Regardless of the type of jar spell you’re casting, the basic process is the same.  As always, I’m offering a basic guideline based on what works for me, you need to adapt and modify it so that it fits your practice.

  • Gather your ingredients.
  • If casting a circle, calling the quarters, invoking a deity, do so now.
  • Ground and center yourself.  State and focus your intent.

Charge each ingredient with your personal intent so that you can tap into that item’s natural energies specific to your spell.  You might say something like “by the power of the elements, I charge you, Oats, to bring prosperity and abundance into my life.”

Once all of your items are charged, add them to your jar in layers, one at a time, chanting to raise power and to keep your focus.

When you’ve finished filling your jar, take a few moments to meditate on having acquired your goal.  What IS life like now that you have this?  How do you feel now that this is complete?  If you focus on WANTING your goal, you’ll struggle to achieve it, you’ll be in a wish limbo.  Visualizing yourself with your goal “in hand” is necessary to achieving it!

Close and seal your jar.  Your spell is cast!

Here are 4 spells for you (Money, Love, Banishing Negativity, and Clarity) to try.  Adjust and adapt them to your needs.  Each spell will display for 35 seconds in the video, if you need more time, just replay the video!



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    Absolutely love the jar spell article, thank you very much!

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      We are so glad you enjoyed it. Blessed Be.

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