Asking Crow to Help Banish Your Troubles

The Crow is the keeper of Sacred Law.  It is the Guardian of the “place before existence” and has the ability to move through space and time.  Crow carries souls from darkness into light, they work without fear in darkness and provide guidance to those working in shadow.  They are also associated with developing wisdom and power within a group.  Like the Raven, the crow is a teacher and a sponsor of magick and shamanism.

To enlist Crow’s help to banish your troubles, collect sunflower seeds in the number of problems that are concerning you.  Take your seeds outside to a tree whose energy seems nurturing.  While leaning against the tree for support, “place” each problem into one of the sunflower seeds you have collected.  Do this slowly and deliberately, visualizing and magically manipulating the negativity into the shell of each seed.  Once each seed is loaded, place them in a dish of berries or other seeds and place the dish in the tree’s limbs.

The Crow will crack open your seeds, “breaking” the problem for you, and receiving food for payment.  Once the seeds have been cleared by the Crows, retrieve your dish and give thanks to the Crows for their help.

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