The magic of the stones

Moonlight. A woman stands in her garden. The wind lifts her white scarf into the air as the silver light rains down upon her. In her upraised hands lies a six-sided crystal. She gazes at the shimmering stone, sensing its erratic, disturbing vibrations. As the breeze dies, it silences a stand of ancient pines that encircle the figure.

The Moon seems to glow brighter, and the woman feels its soothing light radiating down from the sky. The stone calms. Its bizarre vibrations diminish and then grow strong, uniting to form a single, regular pulsation of energy. As the woman holds the stone higher, its power spills down into her arms, flowing through her like a series of pleasant electric shocks.

She grows vibrant and powerful. After an immeasurable time, the figure lowers the stone and impulsively touches it to her brow. Her work is done. The crystal is purified and ready for magic.

Stones may lie deep within the earth or exposed to the Sun and stars. They are dull or prismatic, dense or coarse. Blue, green, red and colors no rainbow dares to display are common among them. Plentiful agate and costly emerald. Transparent, tri-colored tourmalines and opaque marble. Royal purple Sugilite and clear quartz crystal. Stones are gifts of the Earth. They are manifestations of the universal forces of ‘Deity’, ‘Goddess’, ‘God’, ‘Fate’-which created all that is, all that was, and all that has potential of being.

The Earth is one tiny part of a vast energy network. Though once created by it, our planet now contains its own vibrations.

Some of these powers, and their manifestations, are shaded and formed to be beneficial to us. Stones are magical batteries which contain and concentrate the Earth’s energies. Many are thought to also be affected by, or at least symbolic of, the planets and luminaries of our solar system. Others have long been associated with far distant stars.

Magic and stones are anciently related. Rocks shaped into animal forms by wind and rain have been used as symbols and as the focus of rites for longer than has been recorded. For ten thousand years, shimmering gemstones have been carried or worn for protection against the unknown.

Stones which were scarce, strangely shaped, or that exhibited electrical or magnetic properties are long-time magical tools.

In the earliest ages, stones were carved into images which seem to be religious or magical in nature. They also provided building materials. Tools fashioned from them cut grain, shaped garments, extracted thorns and performed surgery. Stone weapons guarded and ended life. Rocks were heated to boil water eons before the invention of fireproof vessels. Stones were at once beautiful and utilitarian, sacred and profane.

Through the ages, humans have relied on stones to ensure conception, ease childbirth, guard personal safety and health, and to protect the dead.

More recently, stones have been used in magic for internal or external change. Moonstones were worn to promote psychic awareness. The amethyst calmed tempers. Peridot was carried to attract wealth. Rose quartz drew love.

Today, five thousand years of stone magic is at our fingertips. Many people are discovering the powers within stones. Working with rocks, these people, stone (natural) magicians, are transforming their lives.

What is this stone magic anyway?  How can a few rocks scratched out of the dirt have any effect on anything? Why are quartz crystals, of all things in our technological age, outselling video cassette recorders?

Stones, like herbs, colors, metals, numbers, and sounds, aren’t inert. They may sit quietly in the earth for millions of years, or rest on a  shelf where we placed them last week, but they are active, powerful tools possessing energies which can and do affect our world.

Stones are gifts from the Earth which we can use to improve our lives, our relationships and ourselves. Many are readily available and inexpensive, while others can be gently collected from the ground itself. Stone magic is built upon simple ideas and has direct results.

Using a stone in magic brings its influences and energies into play.

Directing those energies is the magic.

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