Calling Back Your Power

Far too many of us struggle to live our lives with intention, to trust our own voices enough to speak loud enough to be heard.  We have given so much of our own power away, often without even realizing it.  Every time we allowed someone to silence us, let someone else explain what WE mean, or let someone make us feel “less than,” we lose a little bit of our power, we give it away.  Isn’t it time to call our power back to us?

This ritual can be performed at any time in any place but I recommend choosing the time and place where you feel your most commanding.  For me, it is outside under a full moon.  When you make this call from a place of strength, your call has more authority, your intention is more commanding; doing this ritual at any other time is more like asking for your power back, not calling it back to you.  Think of it as the difference between “Rover, come here?” and “Rover, HEEL!”  Make sense?

The Ritual:

  1. Prepare yourself as you normally do for any kind of spell or ritual. Cleansing baths, meditation, casting a circle, calling the quarters, etc… these are all ways to be “in the moment,” which is essential to any spell work.
  2. Stand with your feet slightly apart with soft knees (don’t lock them). Form your hands into the Yoni Mudra by placing making a triangle with the tips of your thumbs and the tips of your index fingers pressing together.  Place your hands on your lower abdomen and close your eyes.  Breathe through your second (sacral) chakra, feeling your power stir.
  3. In a strong, firm voice, say something like “I call back my power NOW!” out loud. Visualize a bright light coming up through the soles of your feet, up your legs, through the first (root) chakra and coming to rest in your second (sacral) chakra, right where your hands are resting.  Feel the power pulsing between your hands and then repeat the process twice more (for a total of three calls).
  4. Once you’ve called your power, you need to accept that you are the powerful being you were always meant to be. Vocalize this affirmation three times.  “I am powerful, as I was meant to be.”  Feel the Mudra seal the power to you.
  5. Bring your Yoni Mudra up to your fourth (heart) chakra and close the spell. “As I will it, so mote it be!”  If you cast a circle, called the quarters, etc., now is the time to thank who you need to thank and close the circle.

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