The Ties that Bind

In this forum, I was asked how to unbind someone’s powers.  I have been thinking long and hard about this question and how I should shape my response.  You see, there are a variety of philosophical approaches that all lead in different directions.  For example, if you truly believe someone has bound your powers, then the answer is that YOU can’t undo the binding.  You’ve already given over your power so you have nothing left to fight with.  I have a very different perspective!

A binding, like any other spell, is just a combination of words; the spell itself has no power whatsoever.  The power for any spell comes from the caster.  With this in mind, we need to understand that a binding takes a tremendous amount of energy from the caster, but it is a two-way stream.  When the one bound feeds that connection with fear and acceptance, the binding gets stronger.  What I mean by this is that when you focus on who did this and why, you put yourself into a victim state and you hand your power over to the caster.  A curse, hex, and even a binding, only have power when you believe in them.  By taking control of the situation, you are taking your power back.

The first step to getting your power back is to clearly understand what your power is and how a binding works.  We need to throw away Hollywood’s idea of a witch’s powers as being something dramatic and supernatural.  A witch’s power is absolutely natural and comes from a strong understanding of and connection with nature.  Think of yourself as a conduit for the energy around us, being able to move and manipulate it.  Witchcraft itself isn’t about having power; it’s about using energy with intent.  With this definition of power, it’s impossible for someone to sever your connection to the natural world.  Instead, a binding interrupts that connection, much like a beaver dam can disrupt the flow of a stream.  The flow is still there but it has been redirected and diluted so that you feel like you don’t have the access you’re used to.

To restore your connection to the flow of energy around you, you’ll need to turn your focus inward and make sure your “conduit” is ready to both receive and redirect that energy.  Whether someone else is interfering with you or you have somehow found a way to bind yourself, keep in mind that a binding can be internal, external, or even spiritual.  The point here is to focus your approach on where you are now and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.  Any steps you take need to include opening your awareness, taking control of your energy, and reconnecting with nature.  For me, a ritual that encompasses all of these steps is where I would start.

I’ve included ingredients for herbal incense, crystals, candles, and so on because they are part of my tradition.  Use what resonates and works for you; if you don’t have the ingredients or don’t feel a connection to them, don’t use them!  Be sure to conduct this ritual at a time when you are at your strongest.  If you are strongest in the morning, it wouldn’t make sense to do this ritual at midnight, right?  You’ll also want to prepare the ritual space ahead of time.  I recommend creating the herbal incense, preparing the candles, gathering your crystals, etc. so that once you’ve prepared yourself, you’ll be ready to start.

Because you are already feeling blocked, including crystals that generate energy that you can tap into can be quite important.  Amethyst, quartz crystals, and smoky quartz are all good options for this kind of ritual.  Place your crystals around the altar and where you’ll be meditating.

Herbal Incense:
I recommend using an herbal incense made up of herbs that help open your vision as well as offering elements of protection.  Some great herbs to use include lemon balm, lemon verbena, blessed thistle, clove, comfrey root, and myrrh.  This list is in no way comprehensive, and I would recommend using only three to four herbs.  Once you’ve decided on the combination that you want to use, grind them together in a mortar and pestle or use a coffee grinder specifically for your herb work.  You’ll also need charcoal disks and a fireproof burner (a cast iron cauldron works great).  What you’ll do is light the disk and let it get gray around the edges.  Drop a bit of your incense onto the disk and let it smoke; as the herbs burn down you’ll need to scrape off the burnt herbs and add more.

Choose and prepare the candles you’ll need for this ritual.  I use six candles, one for each of the Guardians, the Goddess, and the God.  As part of my preparation, I carve the appropriate symbols into each candle.  I also put a representation of each element on the plate that holds the corresponding candle.  For example, I pour sea salt around the candle for the Guardian of the North and the element of earth.

When everything is prepared and you are centered, you are ready to begin the ritual.  If you need to cast a circle, do so.  Place a spoon of incense on your disk and light your candles while you invite the Goddess, God, and Guardians into your circle.  Ask them to lend you their energy and protection while you work to reestablish your connection with the energy in the world around you.

“Lend me your strength
let each strap be broken
each twine unwound
let my true heart walk its path
unswayed and unbound”

Once you’re ready to proceed, sit down and take several deep breaths.  Draw your focus inwards and see your body bathed in white light.  Look for bindings, any ties attached to you, any blockages.  These will be the visual manifestations of where your energy is being redirected.  Some of these ties are there because people in your life are drawn to your energy and look to you to provide for them; this isn’t always conscious so don’t think badly of these people.  For each tie that you see, gently and lovingly remove the tie and send it back to its origins.  With each tie and binding you release, you will feel your energy increase and your vibration raise.  Once you are free, bathe your body in a warm golden light to both heal your energy and shield it.

When you’re ready, open your eyes and stretch your energy out to the world around you.  Push it down into the earth, reach out to the heavens.  Breathe the energy in and then release it back to the universe.  Thank the Goddess, God, and Guardians for their assistance and return their gifts back to them.  Strike your circle if you need to do so, snuff your candles, and make sure your charcoal disk can safely burn itself out.

I hope this helps!  In all things and all ways, Blessed Be!



  1. Mae says

    True 🙂 I bound myself once, I realized that the only person that can remove it was also me when I remembered who I was and ready for what will be. Love to you 🙂

    1. Rain says

      Love and light to you as well, Mae!

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