Wicca: How to celebrate Yule

What are Wiccans doing for Yule how do we can celebrate Yule what do people do for Yule? This year’s Christians and others prepare for Christmas the witches of San Francisco the Bay Area and the world are preparing their own celebration Yule or the winter solstice The beginning of winter marks the shortest day of the year Religiously speaking it marks the death and rebirth of the Horned God, the Sun God, as the mother goddess the moon Gives birth to him once again, and as the day’s grow longer the horned one rules a bit more with every passing day witches chant, “sorrow not though the icy winds blast” and “sorrow not this too shall soon be passed” a ritual fires burned either with liquor or A red candle in a cauldron symbolizing the new heat of the burning Sun Alternately a Yule Log, oak or pine preferably, can be burned in a fire place with a small Horned God effigy.

“All blessings upon you were born one of the sun” (Scott Cunningham) chant the witches Décor is to be made of seasonal items including pine cones dried rosebuds and cinnamon sticks strung along twine Cranberries with popcorn can also be used to decorate the boughs of trees Furthermore crystals symbolizing icicles or apples oranges and lemons may be hung from the sturdier branches of the tree a Living pine planted outside is preferable as it can be looked after the whole season it used as a gathering place for worship Wassail (cider) or ginger ale is to be drunk and Enjoyed with pork there are several events going on to make mark the changing of the season they include a meeting near inspiration point and a gathering in Ocean Beach organized by Bay Area reclaiming and publicized by Trojan Wicca Details available at TrojanWicca.wordpress.com/events

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